PRACHODANA is a Non-Government organization. Since 1994 we work together with poor children, adolescences and women in the society irrespective of their caste or religion. As a partner of the childline program we promote child rights in India. 


PRACHODANA wants to transform the society to bring equality, justice, peace and ensure that everyone lives with dignity. We strive for sustainable, developmental changes in education, health, environment, socio-economic-political status.


PRACHODANA is dedicated to bringing awareness in the community, empowering through trainings, exposure, seminars and workshops. Create and building networks and linkages are part of our mission to achieve these goals.  


PRACHODANA has received different awards showcasing the quality, importance and meaningfulness of its work.


PRACHODANA is networking with NGOs on local and governmental levels. Find out more about our network partners.

Our core values


We reach out working with different network partners on local and governmental levels including:



FEVORD-K (Federation of Voluntary Organization Karnataka)
MICKNET-K (Micro Credit Network Karnataka)
SAFE (State Alliance for Education)
SEVA SANGAM  (Hassan NGO network)
CACT-K (Campaign Against Child Trafficking-Karnataka)
District Convener for CACL-K (Campaign Against Child Labour-Karnataka)
SGSY committee at Hassan
SGSY committee at Kodagu
Sarva Siksha Abhayana at Hassan
Child Labour Rehabilitation committee at Hassan
NGO IDEA (international level network) on savings and credit