Youth Women and CHild Development - kKs

PRACHODANA implemented a major community development project from 2004 to 2006 and from 2008 to 2011 with support of the Karl Kübel Stiftung from Germany through CEVA NGO from Kerala.  The aim of the project is an integrated development of the village community in two Gram Panchayath villages: Odanahalli Gram Panchayath and Kadanur Gram Panchayath.

components of the project

We implemented various activities in the project:

For Children

  • Identification of school dropout and Non-school-going children and involve them in the formal school,
  • Enroll the  needy children into the bridge schools,
  • Establish a children Panchayath to the formal school-going children,
  • Training on Child Rights for children and parents,
  • Conducted tailoring classes and computer trainings  for the youths..

For Women

  • Formation of  SHGs for women,
  • Formed Cluster  federations for the SHGs,
  • Conducted exposure trips and awareness trainings to the members of the SHGs,
  • Introduced savings and credit activities in the SHGs,
  • Supported for the  income generating programs, like providing loan support for the purchase of cows, buffalos, sheep, small shops.

For Youths

  • Computer training program for boys
  • Tailoring  program for girls 

For the Farmers

  • Construction of  Ecosan latrines for families, 
  • Construction of Vermi Compost pits, tank desalting programs, watershed programs like construction of check dams, 
  • Nursery raising ,  Social forestry,  mud bunding,  stone bunding,  diversion drain, form ponds, etc.
  • Bee keeping 
  • Tank Desilting program

Health  Program

  • Trainings to the Asha Workers
  • Trainings to the Anganavadi workers 

The two Gram Panchayath village populations improved socio-economically with the support of these projects.