Fidelity supported projects

PRACHODANA Organisation is financially support by Bengaluru based Fidelity Company under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Fidelity is supporting PRACHODANA regarding the education program mainly on conducting school enrolment, Jatha program in the Government School in rural areas, formation of children panchayath, training to Anganavadi Teachers, school teachers and SDMC members on child rights and school development activities.  Formation of children panchayath and taking up issues related to children education, Exposure trips, Kitchen gardening, School bags distribution for the poor children, conducting Eye Checkup camp for the cataract cases, etc.  

School enrolment Jatha

We conducted school enrolment Jatha Program with the involvement of school children, SDMC members ,SHG members and PRACHODANA  Staff , in village's to enroll the School dropouts, non-School going children and migrants Children to government schools..

School bag, drinking water drum and water tub Distribution

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Prachodana NGO Hassan School Bag distribution

Training on Child rights

We conduct training on child rights 

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Prachodana NGO Hassan Training On Child Rights
Prachodana NGO Hassan Training on Child Rights

Training to female members on sdmc

Trainings were conducted to the School Development and Monitoring Committee members  about  child rights  and Juvenile  Justice Acta .  child protection policy, child trafficking  and the government facilities  available for the children  for their education, role and responsibilities of the parents, Teachers  towards children education.

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Prachodana NGO Hassan Training to Female Members on SDMC Prachodana NGO Hassan Training to Female Members on SDMC
Prachodana NGO Hassan Training to Female Members on SDMC Prachodana NGO Hassan Training to Female Members on SDMC

Election - Children parliament

TASK: Write a detailed text (at least 15 sentences) describing this project. It should summarise the key points, contain date and times, occasion and outcome. We need as many information as possible. 

Cataract Eye operation camp

Eye camps were conducted for the  cataract cases in the rural areas with the support of  Bharath Eye  Hospital, Kadaur.   the people who were facing  Eye cataract problem  were undergone  Eye  operation. All the people who were undergone Eye operations have got Eye sight and they become self dependent.