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                                                                                                                   PRACHODANA Bridge School Children         


PRACHODANA started the bridge school program on 2002 with the support of the India Literacy Project, Bangalore for two years. Since 2004 Bridge school is continuing with the support of KKS .

The BRIDGE SCHOOL program identifies children who are school dropouts, non-school-going children, irregular pupils, children from depleted families and children from alcoholic addicted families in Hassan District. We provide boarding, lodging,  coaching,  skill training like computer classes, embroidery, cultural program, and more.

So far more than 1800 school dropout and non-school going children were included through bridge school. They are well settled in their life by getting a higher education and job opportunities in different sectors.


BRIDGE SCHOOL activities

We provide training on Child protection policy to all staffs, coaching classes to all children in the morning and evening,  spoken English class, Yoga practice, Computer class and formation of children parliament in the bridge school. Furthermore we plan parents meetings, children exposure, life skill trainings and participation in different competitions in different schools in Karnataka and  in the Karl Kübel Institute for Development (KKID), in Tamil Nadu.