PRACHODANA strives for sustainable changes in diverse fields. That´s why we maintain multiple social, environmental, educational and health programmes reaching out expecially to children, women and people in need.

Childline 1098

CHILDLINE 1098 is a tele-helpline which is 24/7 free accessible for children in need of care and protection. We aim for the protection of the rights of all children aged from 0 to 18. We work in cooperation with the Childline India foundation.

Open Shelter

As a partner of OPEN SHELTER, we provide shelter, give food, clothing, hygiene, medical care and basic education to children from urban areas in diverse difficult circumstances. The project is sanctioned by the government of Karnataka.

Bridge School

Partnering the BRIDGE SCHOOL program we identify school dropouts and other children in difficult circumstances in the Hassan District. They get boarding, coaching, lodiging and more at Prachodana. The program is financially supported by the Karl Kübel Stiftung.

Self-help Groups

PRACHODANA promotes more than 1600 women SELF-HELP GROUPS in Hassan and Kodagu. They empower women and develop their leadership abilities among the poor and needy. For our activities we recieved the NABARD state award in 2002.

Fidelity Program

With financial support from the FIDELITY company Prachodana realizes several social projects including school enrolments of the Jatha program in rural areas, forming children Panchayat systems, training of teachers on child rights or eye cataract prevention.

watershed activity

We support several WATERSHED ACTIVITIES conserving and utilizing ecological and social resources to create better climatic conditions. Prachodana is part of the Sujala watershed project with the support of the Zilla Panchayath. This impacts around 32 villages.

KKS Program

With support of the KARL KÜBEL STIFTUNG (KKS) we implemented an integrative development of a village community in two Gram Panchayath villages. We aimed these by conducting programs for children, founding Self-Help Groups and constructing facilities.

Bridge Builder

The BRIDGE BUILDER program is a cultural exchange with volunteers from Germany guided by the German Karl Kübel Stiftung. Volunteers live, learn and exchange their experience about Indian culture, Indian marriage system, Indian festivals and food practices.

Tuberculosis  Prevention

PRACHODANA wants to prevent TUBERCULOSIS infections and diseases which still is a public health issue. Therefore we spread awareness programms and distribute medical pills with the assistance of other organizations.