our core values

Community health

We have given more focus to the health of all the children through Reproductive Child Health care program. children health camp  were organized for the school going children,  in which health cases were identified and supported  them for the treatment, conducted  eye camp for the cataract cases for the old age people and help them to get eye sights and provide spectacles free of cost.  

Eomen empowerment

We organized people who are socially, economically and culturally backward into groups in the rural and urban areas like formation of women Self Help Groups, cluster federations and district federation for the Self-Help Groups. Created awareness through various training, workshops, seminars, exposures, focus group discussions, etc. for the empowerment of women  

Income generation, saving and credit

We introduced, savings habit for the rural and urban poor women from the daily earnings, save in the Self-Help Groups, pool the savings, get the loan facilities  based on the savings from the bank,  invest for the productive purpose and ensure to get the regular earnings which helps to sustain their family life.  


We organize various leadership capacity building training for the Women SHG members, through creativity games, group discussions, Exposures etc. through which we make the illiterate and backward community women to improve their leadership capacity within her and explore in the society. 


We conduct literacy class to the illiterate women who are in the SHG, start by teaching to learn their signature and put their signature in the SHG meeting minutes book.  We teach to maintain the books of accounts of the SHG transaction and doing bank transactions and motivate them for the take up leadership in solving social issues in the society. 

Environment protection

We also give more focus to the protection of the environment. We organize training about the environment protection, conducted PRA (Participatory Rural Appraisal) exercise and identify the need for the environment protection (watershed activities) in the village like planting social forestry, raising nursery, construction of check dams, contour bunds, diversion drain, mud bunding, stone bunding, fodder promotion, tank desilting, vermin compost, rain harvesting, etc.

Panchayat Raj system

We conduct awareness training for the SHG women members, Gramapanchayath elected women representatives on panchayath raj system.  Role and responsibility of the women member in Gramapanchayath, Leadership capacity building, and different activities for the sustainability of the women in their panchayath.