About Us

PRACHODANA is a non-Government Registered Organisation under KKSR Act1960 in 1994 in Hassan. Our Organisation is working with rural poor people, mainly with women and children, agriculture farmers, landless labourers. We conduct various awareness training programmes and also natural resource management activities.  We are working in two districts namely Hassan and Kodagu. We work with the involvement of the community based on their needs and issues.


PRACHODANA wants to transform the society to bring equality, justice, peace and ensure that everyone lives with dignity.


PRACHODANA is dedicated to bring awareness in the community, organize vulnerable sections, empower them through training, exposure, seminars and workshops, create and build networks and linkages. Through these we want to achieve sustainable, developmental changes in education, health, environment, socio-economic-political status through participatory approaches.

our activities

The activities of our organisation  are: community organisation, formation and strengthening of SHGs, formation of cluster federations for the SHGs,  Networking of NGOs, IGP activities, awareness trainings on PRI, Legal AID, Livestock management, Leadership capacity building, Finance management,  and child rights, children programmes are, Care and Protection,  rescue and rehabilitation of  children who are in need under  Childline 1098 , formation of children Panchayath, Bridge School for the dropout and child labour children, Strengthening of SDMCs, health programmes,  awareness on HIV/AIDS, small family norms, Eye checkup camps, Construction of Eco san latrine, watershed activities, watershed committees, earthen bunding, bund sowing, form ponds, vermin composts, CCTs, nursery raising and planting, Bee keeping, sujala watershed activities under Prime minister draught relief programme, Micro finance activities, Jeevana madura insurance program from LIC,  protection of child rights and Anti child trafficking programme, Tuberculosis diseases  prevention and control programme,  Youth programmes like Tailoring & embroidery, computer class  skill training like  auto mobile, Radio and TV repair, Driving etc.



2002 - "Best NGO Award" from NABARD for our work promoting self-help groups

Kithur Rani Chennamma

2008 - "Kithur Rani Chennamma Award" from the Women and Child Development Department of Karnataka

Amogha Channel

2011 - Acknowledgement by Amogha Channel for our service in the social field   

Hassan Labour Department


2019 - Award from Hassan Labour Department for protesting against child labour

Seva Rathna Award

2021 - "Seva Rathna Award" from Kannada Sahitya Parishat and Spandana Siri Vedike for best performance in social service



  • 19th December 1994: Prachodana was founded in Hassan District.
  • The objectives of the Organization are for working with poor people in the Society irrespective of caste, creed and Religion.
  • PRACHODANA obtained “state award from NABARD Bank of the best performance in promotion and linkage of SHGs”
  • 2006-2007: The organization is recognized by the state government for the excellency in working with women and children and they awarded “Kithur Rani Chennamma” Award thorough state women and Child Welfare department.
  • The Director of the Organization Mr. C. C. Poulose is the state convener for the “Campaign against Child Trafficking” (A network of more than 300 NGOs of Karnataka State).
  • The Director of the organization is also a member in the “District Task force” formed by the District administration to release the Child labourers. 
Second half of our buildung in construction in 2011.
Second half of our buildung in construction in 2011.

June-December 1994: Established Contact with the Information and Publicity Department, Block Development Office, Taluk Office, Department of Women and Child Development and took their help in identifying the most backward areas in HassanDistrict. After getting information and feedback about the situation in the area, the founder Mr. Paulose along with volunteer friends personally visited the villages and chose to work, to begin with, in 10 villages, with plans to systematically and gradually expand to the neighboring villages.


December 1994: After having worked for 6 months and gaining confidence with the grass-roots groups it was decided to register an organization under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960, in Hassan District.  The persons with social work backgrounds and those who committed were invited to join the board of management as founder members.


June 1995:  By the end of June 1995, the initial 10 villages were finalized, Self Help Groups were promoted in all the villages, vocational training in tailoring was set up with the help of Jindal Aluminum. Mobilized Government support and conducted Eye Camp 2 camps, DIC’s support was sought to get 10 women trained in Agarbathi making.  After the training, all of them were provided with kits to undertake Agarbathi activity.


1996 onwards: A small grant was sought from NABARD for SHG promotion for a period of one year.  6 months of training for women in tailoring was completed with the help of Women Development Corporation, BIRDS – Belgaum came forward to support the salary of 2 staff members to take up AIDs prevention program for sex workers.  This project was continued for a period of three years, viz., 1996-99.


January 1998: HassanDistrict Zilla Panchayat, while recognizing the services of PRACHODANA in the District supported watershed program in one village for a period of one year and Zilla Panchayath Hassan and Kodagu came forward to supported for the promotion SHGs who are under BPL (Below Poverty Line) list.


1997-2000:  The reference community being mostly the Dalit women, Indo-German Social Service Society came forward to support the program under the project title: `Dalit Women Empowerment in HassanDistrict.


2001-2002: The NABARD recognized our service and for the best performance in promotion and linkage of Self-Help Groups with the Bank in the State and offered “Best NGO Award”.


2007-2008: The State Women and Child Welfare Department have   recognized the best performance of PRACHODANA in working with the Women and Children in the state and offered “Kithur Rani Chennamma Awared”.


2009-2010: PRACHODANA organization/ Bridge School building got inaugurated with the financial support of  Karl Kubel Stiftung from Germany.


2010-2011: Amogha Channel (Amogha Dooradarshan) people have recognized the excellent service rendered in the social field by the   Director of PRADHODANA and honored him.


2011: Prachodana expands. The second half of our building was constructed to shelter home for even more children.


2018-2019: The District Labour department was recognized and honored for the excellent service of the Director in the field protesting against the Child labour system and service rendered for the child labour children.


2019-2020:  on 19.12.2019 we celebrate 25 years of PRACHODANA service.


2020-2021: Kannada Sahithaya Parishat and Spandana Siri Vedike offered Seva Rathan Award to the Director for the service rendered in the social field.