Watershed activity

PRACHODANA implemented the Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) named Sujala watershed project with the support of the Zilla panchayath in Hassan. This IWMP project was situated in the Hebbalu watershed area in Belur Taluk, Hassan District. Around 32 villages were covered in the project area.

What are watershed activities?

The aim of watershed activities is  to conserve and utilize natural resources for higher productivity of crops and more income/employment generation in addition to creating better climatic conditions. The Government of India introduced these programmes in 1983-1984.


Watershed Activity is a generic term for several acivities such as

  • community organization
  • formation of a Watershed  Committee,
  • formation of SHGs
  • conducting exposure trips
  • organizing seminars and workshops
  • distribution of horticulture
  • formation of ponds
  • mud bunding work
  • social forestry
  • and more
How watershed works. Free licence from shutterstock.com
How watershed works. Free licence from shutterstock.com